The Perks of City Breaks

Recent evidence has shown a rise in the number of people swapping beach holidays for city breaks. They offer the same break from your everyday routine as beach holidays, albeit they’re shorter, but by splitting your holiday allowance to enjoy several breaks each year you get the chance to explore a few different places. Not only that but city breaks offer the chance to explore a new culture (including the food, might I add) and a new historical background. Don’t get me wrong I love the chance to relax, unwind and be lazy on beach holidays but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve appreciated all that city breaks have given to me. Here’s why:

The Sense of Freedom

No deadlines, no routines…just exploration! There’s no better feeling than arriving in a new country or city and knowing that you have a few days to spend your time exploring, following the signposts and seeing where the streets take you. Even though you’re busy seeing the sights it still feels like time to relax as you’re far away from the mundane and ordinary routines back at home. You feel completely cut off from it all and like you’re a million miles away from your problems, in the open fresh air exploring somewhere new.

The Things You Learn

After exploring somewhere new, you feel educated. You’ve broadened your knowledge and you’ll know something new about the people, the history, the traditions and the culture. It’s great to see why things are the way they are instead of just what they are. And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without the mention of food! One of the great perks of city breaks is indeed the opportunity to try new cuisine originating from the country you’re visiting.

City break.jpg

Spending Time with Your Travel Companion(s)

I’ve been on city breaks with family, friends and my boyfriend and on each break it always feels like much-needed quality time. When you’re living hectic lives back at home with work, deadlines and things to do you feel sometimes as though quality time isn’t always a possibiliy. A city break offers the chance to spend some time together far away from your commitments back at home. Not only that but it’s a great feeling to have shared an experience together and the memories made are very often the topic of conversation for a while after! Your trip is what you make it and there’s only you and your companion(s) that have experienced that.

A Sense of Achievement

Yep, weirdly enough after a city break you feel a great sense of achievement (well, I certainly do but maybe that’s just me being a bit over-the-top). It’s not the sense of achievement that comes with getting good grade or hitting your targets at work though – it’s different. When you reflect on your trip and you look back at how you made the most of your time, you feel great. You’ve been somewhere completely new and not only have you managed to successfully get yourself there and back in one piece but you’ve had an amazing time, all because of the things you managed to see and do.

It’s Easy!

Psychologists say people who use their holiday allowance in bursts are happier. Well, city breaks are a great way to use them! With regards to work, you don’t have to use as many holidays all in one go, making it easier to get time off. A city break is also a great chance to unwind following exams or deadlines so if your university or college timetable allows you then there’s some great bargains to be had whether it be a last-minute deal or through shopping around in advance and, where possible, outside of school holiday time.

I’ll be posting soon about my own travels to inspire your next trips for 2018 so stay tuned!

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Megan x

Globe in hand

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