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10 Things About Me

Whilst I’m a newbie blogger and I’m still finding my feet I thought I’d give you all a few little facts about me. I love reading these types of blog posts to get to know other bloggers so I hope you guys enjoy reading mine too!


I’m a Politics and International Relations student. I absolutely love this subject; the ability to see the world from a whole new perspective is fascinating and the theory behind it really is quite interesting. I think there’s a bit of a stereotype attached to Politics students though: not all of us want to be MPs, not all of us strongly support a party and, most certainly, not all of us wish to discuss Brexit in our spare time. Funnily enough I had my heart set on studying Law until I met Elaine, who eventually became my Politics teacher at college. I spoke to her at the college open evening about studying Law and after discussing my interests, she pointed me towards the Politics handouts instead. Sadly, Elaine is no longer with us but I believe she truly shaped my choices. If I hadn’t have met her that day and if I was not captured by her wit and enthusiasm as I was, I may well be studying something completely different now nearly 3 years later. I believe I owe an awful lot to her.

Family is everything to me. I live at home and commute to university; I consider myself very lucky to be studying at such a great place yet still living with my amazing family! I only have one sibling – my younger sister Amelia. There’s seven years between us so a lot of the time we can’t relate to the anecdotes about stealing each others clothes and the other things that feature in those Buzzfeed articles. Nevertheless, she is my best friend. Not only does she make the best banana muffins but she’s absolutely hilarious without even knowing it and she has a heart of gold.

I’d rather stay in at weekends than go out clubbing. You can probably guess I’m not exactly a party animal if I chose to stay at home whilst studying at university. I’d much rather curl up, watch a movie and order a takeaway than go out partying. Or even a catch up down at the pub is more my kinda thing where you can actually hear each other talk! Obviously I enjoy going out to clubs now and again and especially to celebrate friends birthdays but it just isn’t for me. I don’t go out weekend after weekend – I’d rather save my money for something I’d enjoy…like travelling!

I hate tea and coffee. Yup, a pretty bold statement to make as a British blogger. That’s right – I’m a Brit that doesn’t like tea and a blogger that has to function without the caffeine kick from a coffee! Can you believe it? So when it’s brew time in our house, hot chocolate is my go to. More specifically, Cola Cao – the hot chocolate they drink in Spain. Don’t ask me why but it just tastes SO much better than the hot chocolate over here.

I struggle to binge-watch without getting bored. I really do love challenging stereotypes, don’t I? A girl, at university and in her late teens that can’t sit and binge watch a series! I’m quite particular about what I watch and I get bored quite easily. I can watch a series but I struggle to watch episode after episode. That said, I watched The Sinner recently – the Netflix original starring Jessica Biel and I was hooked. So it must have been good if I was gripped! I like things that are short and keep me thinking and in particular, British dramas. Shoutout to Line of Duty and The Missing!

I’m a big fan of indie bands. I love a good indie band (particularly if they’re Northern, surprise surprise). The Courteeners, Blossoms, Catfish and the Bottlemen…if you’ve got anything like that playing I’m sure to be somewhere nearby and singing along at the top of my tone deaf voice! Here’s one of my favourite feel-good songs:


Not only am I a complete and utter foodie but I love to cook! It’s no secret to those who know me that I am such a foodie, there really isn’t many foods I don’t like (just please don’t put eggs or mushrooms near me). I absolutely love cooking too. When I say ‘cooking’ I do mean throwing a few bits and bobs together and hoping for the best. It always turns out good in the end though so I must be doing something right! I have never made the same dish twice because every time I cook I improvise with spices and chillis and whatever I can find.

I don’t feel ready until I’ve got my hoop earrings in and my lipstick on. Again, those that know me personally will probably not be able to recall a time where I have been seen in public without my hoop earrings and lipstick. It’s usually a bright one, no pastel pinks in sight. As for the hoops – silver or gold depending on the rest of my accessories. You can’t mix silver and gold, am I right?! 

I’ll try my absolute best to get away with not wearing jeans. I just like to be comfy! I hate jeans. They’re so uncomfortable. Yes I have tried several brands, styles and sizes but they just don’t beat leggings. I’d even rather wear a dress with tights for a meal out or for a shopping trip than jeans! It’s a no from me…

I speak pretty good Spanish. I wouldn’t consider myself fluent but I studied Spanish up until leaving college so I got my A-Level. I have family over in Spain too so that was always a big help for motivating myself to learn the language. They retired out there so I manage to get some practice in during visits. I absolutely adore the country and its people. Since starting at university though I’ve been slacking a little and the only Spanish work I’ve had to do is by helping my sister with her homework. I definitely need to get practising again!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little better!

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Megan x

15 thoughts on “10 Things About Me

  1. I’ve just realised I’ve already read this 🙈 We have a lot in common. I’m definitely a cosy night in kind of girl and I really don’t do coffee. Tea is not so bad, but my go to drink would be a hot chocolate ☺️ X

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  2. blah I hate tea and coffee too. I just stick to water most of the time. What are your tips on becoming somewhat fluent in Spanish? I’m already fluent in Haitian-Creole, that’s my native language. It’s much similar to Spanish but I tend to always find myself slacking off. Spanish speakers talk so fastttttt lol everything sounds the same. The only time I can tell the difference in words is when I’m reading in Spanish which is a breeze, if you give me a Spanish book I’d read it as if it were English lol.

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    1. It’s hard for me to give advice really because I learnt Spanish at school and college so it was being taught by a teacher and I didn’t have to teach myself from scratch. That said, I want to start learning again and the only way for me to do that now is by teaching myself! I guess there’s probably some good online resources out there or apps you could use – I used an app called duolingo to help me. Just remember the end goal, stay positive and keep practising 😀


  3. I really enjoyed this post and love the “getting to know me” posts. I’m similar in that I’m super close to my family and the clubbing scene doesn’t really feel all that comfortable to me either. Looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂 x

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