Challenging The Blogger Status Quo

Some of you may have noticed that I have had a little break from blogging. Whilst I was away, in the back of my mind I kept thinking about the posts and the tips you see from fellow writers advising you to post regularly and in a routine your readers can follow. Truth is I had other things to prioritise and focus on, my exams being one of them. It was more important for me to invest time in my revision and to work hard for good grades. Don’t get me wrong I love writing, and I missed it, but doing well in my exams came before anything else. One day I realised I couldn’t revise my hardest and produce content to the best of my ability at the same time and so I made a quick decision to take a break, leaving no time to plan ahead and schedule posts to be published during the exam period. I just simply needed to focus on one thing at a time, so writing for my blog got put on the back burner.

During my 2 months away my stats and views plummeted, my Instagram and Twitter feeds were bare and I hadn’t been in contact with any readers or fellow bloggers. In other words, I went against everything you’re supposed to do as a ‘successful blogger’. There’s advisory posts and guides everywhere on how to blog, what to do to boost views and so on – I was doing the complete opposite.

When I should’ve been completely focused on my revision, my mind kept wondering back to the blogging. Will I have lost a lot of followers? Will people still be interested in my posts when I get back into blogging? Will they even remember me? It made me realise the pressure that exists in the blogging community. Of course it’s a friendly and supportive community filled with encouragement and love and it’s great to be a part of it. But on the other hand when you see others with perfect Instagram feeds, self-hosted sites and so much content, you can often feel a little guilty for taking a break or for doing things differently and in ways that aren’t as “polished”.

I’ve come to realise now that, yes, polished Instagram feeds and professional blog logos make your content look pretty but that isn’t the most important thing. The most important thing is your passion; if you’re passionate about writing and you’re writing about something you love, that will be reflected in your blog posts and that’s what brings people back to your site. That’s why people want to read your content.

Forget all the rules and recommendations about what makes a good blog and what makes a good blogger. The most important thing is to love what you’re doing and to do it with passion. Whether you’re aiming to educate, inspire, help others or simply share a story, if you love writing it it’ll show in your work. You do you!

Taking a break didn’t even make much of a difference anyway. Yes I lost some followers but as soon as I started engaging on social media again it’s like I’d never been away. If people get to like you and your content then they’ll always be loyal readers and they’ll always be waiting for you when you come back. Infact, I feel great for taking a break – I’m fuelled with new ideas, my blog has a new name and a new look and I’m excited to get back into blogging again.

Don’t be intimidated by the blogger status quo and what others tell you is the right way to blog. Be yourself, do what you want to do and people will love you for it.

Meg x

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8 thoughts on “Challenging The Blogger Status Quo

  1. I definitely needed to read this today!! I have just taken a week off because I needed to get away from social media and clear my head but i spent the entire week wondering if I would come back to lost followers and whether anyone would care if i started back up again!! Then I realised I had lost sight of why I blogged in the first place….for me! So thank you for this post it has certainly helped to know other people go through this too!! xx

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