5 thoughts on “Young People & Politics

  1. Well I do remember when I was in my 20’s and politics was not something I thought about. I did vote in the primary elections here in the USA but I didn’t care about keeping informed on bills that were being passed and what the President was up to after he was elected. It just isn’t an interest for young people. It’s unfortunate but it’s true and yes I agree that it’s also hard to follow all the political nonsense. When I was younger, I was busy sleeping, not up at 4am watching the morning news.

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    1. At least you used your vote though! You’re right it isn’t an interest for young people but I think here in the U.K. there’s room for it to be taught at a basic level in the secondary school curriculum. There’s a lot we learn at school that with hindsight doesn’t seem useful at all whereas things like how to vote, how party politics works and so on should be taught. I have friends that didn’t even know you had to register to vote! Of course, when I say there’s room for politics in the curriculum because some of the things were are taught are useless, I think there’s room for other things too. Why not teach us how to pay bills, get a mortgage, manage our money?

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  2. I honestly couldn’t agree more with you. I am currently studying political science in university, and there are so many basic things that people in my classes don’t know. I don’t even know some of these basic things. It’s been great learning it all, however I do believe that these basics should be taught in secondary school (as you mentioned).

    Politics affects our lives in more ways than I can count, so it seems fitting to thoroughly understand it and make the best decisions as early in life as possible.

    A very well-written post that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Can’t wait to read more of your content. 😃

    El @ Exclusory Style 💕

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  3. Yes totally agree. When my son was in year 6, he interviewed a couple of politicians and got one of them to visit his classroom for one his assignments. Most of the kids in his class had no idea. I think school.is a good starting point

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